girls busy

Afternoon came early today as I had slept an extra three and a half hours after having dropped the children off at the bus stop this morning. The sleep was much needed as I am at the tail end of this flu. Due to the illness, I had not ventured out for a few necessary household provisions since close to a week. Water and milk were at the top of my list.

Costco was my first stop. My list of necessities was rather short so I was in and out of the store in less than 20 minutes. As I walked around, I noticed the seasonal items one usually sees at Costco this time of year. Namely, gardening supplies and outdoor furniture. On my way to the bottled water aisle, I noticed a large pile of bird seed sacks to my left. Feeding the birds and squirrels was something the children enjoyed at the old house, so I vowed to set up a bird house at our next rental house.

At my next stop at Whole Foods, a smile crossed my face as I noticed little pots of growing herbs outside the store. Rosemary, various versions of thyme and oregano, and strange flavours of mint such as grapefruit mint were amongst the herbs being sold today. An herb garden was something I enjoyed at the old house and something we will have at the new place for certain. I walked inside and bought my handful of items, fish being one of them for tonight's dinner.

The final stop was HEB for arugula, which I forgot to get at Whole Foods, baby tomatoes, and sandwich ice cream - the one usually found at Whole Foods but one I did not find today. I arrived home less than half an hour before the children walked off the bus. I ate my peanut butter and honey sandwich, realising I had not eaten but two spoons of yogurt for breakfast, and waited for the children.

The three walked into the door and were excited when I told them of a surprise snack I had for them. 'Did we have it before?' Sage asked. I told him we have but long ago. After the ritual of hand washing and changing into home clothes, I had them sit down at the table and close their eyes. I then placed one packaged ice cream sandwich in front of them and told them to open their eyes. They thought it might be a granola bar.

sandwich ice cream

The reaction from the children was a surprise to me. Sage got up from his seat and ran over to hug and kiss me. 'Thank you so much, mama!' he exclaimed. The girls were thankful as well. Cinnamon even made me a card tonight thanking me for the ice cream treat. It is not that the children never get ice cream at my place. I prefer to wait until spring and summer to indulge in the cold treat, so today I thought was a good day to start our season of ice cream seeing that spring is around the corner.

Homework followed snack time. Saffron worked on her reading and spelling homework whilst I read with Sage. Cinnamon did not have her homework paper printed out, so she read instead. Both Cinnamon and Sage got one book each at the Book Fair today. Saffron will get her two books tomorrow whilst her siblings buy their second books tomorrow as well.

Playtime followed homework during which time I prepared dinner. The children enjoyed salmon whilst I had Chilean sea bass. There was a little time to play after dinner which gave me a chance to talk with my boyfriend. Before our call, I had a nice surprise of my own - a phone call from the owner of the house I applied for last week. I am approved and can have the house if I so desire.

sage reads

Although it pains me to have to pay someone else's mortgage, I realise I have no choice in the matter at the moment due to my lack of employment. The decision to rent that particular house is solely for the sake of the children. The proximity to school is unbeatable as is a large yard. My desire is to own a home by next year with my boyfriend. All in due time.