sage homework march 2015

When all three children start talking at you all at once with each one getting louder than the other. When you know you must figure out who of the three gets your attention at a particular moment such as homework time. When you tell the children repeatedly to behave but they continue to defy you and act indignant with a sense of entitlement.

When you're on Skype with your boyfriend who is preoccupied with company and you're attempting a conversation with him whilst at the same time the three children are screaming in the background. When at the same time there is a loud knock on the door from the children's father coming to pick up the oldest child and you need to end your conversation with your boyfriend to deal with the unexpected visit. When on top of all that dinner is waiting to be put in the oven.

When there is another argument pertaining to the children's schedules and rules. When those schedules are dismissed and rules are not followed. When your children continue to scream at you as all three are vying for your attention. Those are the moments which cause us to reach our wit's end.

cinnamon and owl

Nothing seems good enough. 'That's what we're having for dinner?' and 'Do I have to eat this?' and 'Why do I have to eat this?'. 'I only get three cookies?!', followed by 'I want more!'.

Someone always wants more than we can give. More time, more money, more everything until our souls becomes weary. There is never enough time to please everyone in our lives. We start to feel as if nothing will ever be right. The light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere in sight as we continue to walk in darkness.

The employment opportunities are non-existent as are the courtesy calls to inform us whether or not our resume has been received. We wonder what else we could do to improve our situation as nothing appears to have worked thus far.

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When questions come our way for which we have no answers. When dinner is on the table but only one of the three children will eat it. When bedtime arrives and there is a fight over which book to read for story time.

When our children's behaviour makes us question our parenting abilities and has a tendency to jeopardize our future relationships. When you know you cannot simply quit but do not know the next step to take. When our weary minds take over and cause us to second guess everything.

When your children continue to disobey you and tell you they cannot possibly keep the promise of behaving as it is not possible to keep such a promise as a child. Those are the moments where we retreat and go to bed as we have reached our wit's end.