the tree 314

My time at this residence is now numbered. Exactly six weeks from now, or forty-two days, my lease will expire. Eleven days from today, the new lease on the house begins. When I think about it, I have not spent much time at this place as I was taking my time moving in and also traveling to Europe for close to three months since last summer.

For the first two months of my lease, I was still living at the old house waiting for school to finish for the three children. At the time, I was separated for six months but the official divorce date did not come until mid-July. I left for Ireland and Berlin shortly thereafter for three weeks. October and the first part of November found me back in Berlin and Ireland once again for close to three weeks. Another one and a half weeks in Ireland in December, then again for two and a half weeks in February.

Traveling is akin to moving often from one residence to another as one is never quite settled in a new place. Though I will be signing a one-year lease on the house, I will still leave most of my unpacked boxes in the garage. The number of addresses I have had since my birth is close to fifty so I am all too aware of the feeling of unrest. My desire is to one day soon be able to unpack and settle into a new home with my children and boyfriend and to finally find 'the peace I've been searching for'.

The deposit on the house was paid today. The house which is quite popular due to the proximity to school. I imagine our morning schedule will change since the children will no longer be riding the bus whilst staying at my place. I walked through the house once more and paused to reflect on what it will be like living someplace else. What I like most is having a yard, not only for my children but for me as well.

What I will miss most are the beautiful sunsets behind my two favourite trees which I have been photographing whilst living here. Two more townhouse units are being built near the trees, so the view will eventually be obstructed by the two-story units. I will have to find a new tree to photograph. Other than the trees, there is not much else I will miss. The moving will keep me busy for a while. It will keep me from thinking how much I wish I could be back in Ireland with him. For now, I will get the new place ready for his visit this summer.