tree 315

Some days are more eventful than others. Certainly with children, every day is eventful. However, today I was alone. Nothing particularly interesting happened. The house was quiet and no children could be heard outside, as a townhouse community is not usually populated with families. It was a nothing sort of Sunday.

Today was Mothering Sunday in the UK. It is celebrated just as Mother's Day here in the States and elsewhere in Europe. This morning on our Skype session, my boyfriend wished me happy Mother's Day. It was a busy day for him at work, but tomorrow he has a day away from work.

This Sunday consisted mostly of ironing in silence. Music would have made the task more interesting. However, today there was no music. There was also no venturing into the kitchen to make a meal for myself tonight. Somehow when you live alone, the incentive to cook for yourself is not as high as when you have someone with whom to share the meal.

At times we wonder when the changes we make will start to take effect. We wonder when the time will come when things will look more promising. Sometimes the end is nowhere in sight as we are in the midst of change. It is only when we look how far we have already come that we see the changes taking place.

Giving up is easier than making an effort to reach a goal we have set for ourselves. When we feel the urge to give up, it is precisely the time to work harder towards our goal and make things happen. Moving forward in the face of uncertainty and challenges is what makes us stronger in the end.