wf tree with clouds 318

The sounds of water droplets outside my living room window greeted me early this morning. I was awake by 05,00h and could no longer return to a deep slumber. It was shortly after noon in Ireland when I texted my boyfriend with our usual morning greetings. We chatted on Skype for a while before parting ways.

Since it was apparent I was too awake to be going back to bed anytime soon, I walked into the kitchen and decided to make breakfast. For the third morning in a row, I have had spinach sautéed with shallots and butter along with sunny-side up eggs, cheese, and an assortment of vegetables. It was the earliest I had ever eaten such a breakfast. Two hours later, I felt weary and returned to bed.

Another two hours of sleep and I awoke minutes before my boyfriend texted me. We talked on Skype some more until he had to take care of a few things on his day off. Once again he was waiting on the cable guy as he had another soccer game to watch later in the afternoon. The service man was still recovering from the effects of partying on Saint Patrick's Day but the cable issue had been resolved.

My job search continued today with my responding to three more job posts. An email arrived later in the day updating me of another position to which I applied last week. The position was no longer available but at least I received a reply. I have to believe one day soon the call will come through with someone letting me know they are willing to take a chance on me. Until then, I keep searching.

Whilst my boyfriend watched his game, I made potato leek soup and watched the German television krimi SOKO Wismar on my iPad. I later filled one more moving box with books from my bookshelf and wondered what else I could get ready for the move. Since I have a month overlap in residences, I can take my time taking over boxes before I schedule a mover to move the larger items. I look forward to the day I am living at the new place especially now as the weather warms up.

This time next week I will be getting the keys to my new place. This evening I went over to the house to meet briefly with my new landlord as he was kind enough to print out the necessary paperwork for transferring water service in my name. I filled out the forms and handed them back to him as he needed to scan the papers and send them to the utility company. A multifunction printer is on my list of items to purchase in the near future as I am seeing the inconvenience of not owning one.

Two more days until the Vernal Equinox and spring will officially be here, as will my children. I wonder if they are having a good time during their spring break but I am guessing they are happy not to have to go to school. More daylight hours, the children being out of school for the summer, and the never ending quest for a better future are all on the horizon. For now, though, I focus on the moment. There is no sense worrying about tomorrow as it will arrive soon enough.