wf tree 317
All things will be clear and distinct to the man who does not hurry; haste is blind and improvident.
— Livy

Every sunset is different. Some days the light behind the 'WF' tree is orange whilst other times it is pink ('WF' because the branches of the main trunk near the top are in the shape of a 'W' and the lower branch to the side a backwards 'F'). Sometimes the light is simply a pale grey as it was the night before last and earlier this evening - until I waited.

Had I resolved myself to use the photograph I had taken earlier instead of waiting an hour, I never would have had the chance to make the later photograph. I kept looking outside and would say to myself 'Hmmm...nothing special', then I continued doing what I was doing. Finally, around 19,30h, I looked outside and noticed the sky was a pale orange. I was glad to have looked outside when I did and happy to see such a beautiful sky.

Waiting for something is never easy. We tend to get impatient and frustrated when things do not go exactly as we planned. We want to hurry to get to the next stop in life but life is not a race. Eventually we will all come to the end of life - some sooner than others due to the stresses we place upon ourselves.

Speeding through life will get us nowhere fast. The stress caused by the urgency of a situation takes away from the pleasure we get otherwise. If we know our goal and make plans toward it, there is no need to hasten its arrival. When we rush towards something there is a tendency for mistakes to be made along the way or for something to be left out.

This evening my boyfriend and I spoke much later than usual due to his having to be at work late for Saint Patrick's Day. He apologised for making me wait, but there was no reason for apologies. I understood he was busy and I knew he was exhausted from spending many hours on his feet. There was no reason to hurry as I knew we would eventually see each other on Skype.

We spoke of our plans for the future and how we already decided to spend it together. Whereas before we felt the need to rush towards our future together, we realised there is no need to do so. Certainly, being together sooner rather than later is more desirable but circumstances beyond our control are at play.

Instead of making the blunder of haste, we resolved to use the time not to worry so much but to enjoy the rare opportunity we have been given of meeting in the first place so many months ago. At times our patience is tested more than we would like it to be but we know one day soon we will see each other again.