wf tree 320

Rain greeted spring today on its first day of the season. A season of awakening, of new beginnings, of change from the cold grips of winter. It is a time when we plant seedlings in our container gardens in order to reap its fruits during the following summer season. Soon, the sound of lawnmowers will be heard as will the laughter of children playing on the streets in front of their homes. Many of us look forward to this time of year as we emerge from hibernation with a renewed spirit.

Morning pried my eyes open far too early, but I could sleep no longer. I made myself breakfast and dressed to make it to my 09,00h appointment at the hair salon. It had been a while since I last had my hair both cut and coloured. Despite the fact my boyfriend is not here with me now, I thought it important to take care of myself and not get into the habit of letting myself go as we sometimes tend to do in relationships.

At one point, whilst the hairdresser was styling my hair, I nodded off to sleep for two or three seconds before jolting myself awake. Tiredness followed me throughout the afternoon but I knew there was not much time to accomplish everything I had set out to do. I did my best. Upon my return from the hair salon three hours later, I wanted to make something special for my children as they would be arriving later in the evening.

After the banana cake was out of the oven, I started putting together my late lunch of Chilean sea bass and mashed potatoes. I then tidied up the kitchen some more before laying down on the daybed for ten minutes as I listened to songs on Depeche Mode's 'Delta Machine' CD. I then switched the music to Enigma and waited for the children to arrive.

The Three were excited as I opened the door. They immediately noticed my 'new' hair and stated how much they liked it. As times before, they all started to talk at once to tell me of the fun they had during their spring break. Sage told me he did not get sick on the Ferris wheel at the rodeo. Both Saffron and Sage were talking at the same time about their going to see the movie 'Cinderella'.

Not even half an hour after the children settled in, Cinnamon came downstairs to hand me her tooth. The second front tooth came out whist she was playing with her sister in the same manner as the last time they stayed with me. It was a wonder the tooth had not fallen out earlier seeing how loose it was when she left here a week ago.

The season of spring is upon us as is the chance for new beginnings. As my move from the old house into this townhouse last April was a new beginning for me, so is next week's move into another house. Every day is a gift we should cherish and not take for granted. Challenges are a part of everyday life but it is how we look at them which make them seem less of a challenge and more of a blessing.