saffi sage read

'Stop it!' were the words I kept hearing on a continual basis today from all three of the children. Cinnamon complained about her sister teasing her, Sage told his sisters to stop throwing his stuffed animals around, and Saffron lamented about one thing or another although I had already forgotten the details. Followed by one or the other tattling on each other, it made for a trying Saturday.

After a breakfast where Sage refused to eat and Saffron finished half of her cereal, the children went upstairs. Cinnamon busied herself with drawing and colouring whilst Saffron surprised me by reading 'Harold and the Purple Crayon' to her brother on his bed. At almost six years of age my son still insists on sucking his thumb, claiming 'it's comfortable'. I keep waiting for him to grow out of it but will not force him to stop at this point.

The music of Enigma played in the background whilst I washed dishes and made preparations for tonight's dinner of lentil soup. In the meantime, I filled the briki with water, added sugar, and waited for the water to boil for the Croatian coffee. After I chopped the vegetables for lentil soup and the coffee was made, I sat down at the bar and enjoyed my coffee and a slice of banana cake. However, within two minutes all three children came downstairs.

banana cake 321

Somehow the children knew I had decided to take a break. Or so it seemed. Saffron was hungry but had refused to finish her breakfast earlier. I told her lunch would be ready in 20 minutes, but it did not stop her from repeating 'I'm hungry. I want to eat now!' a few times. I focused on the music and remained calm despite her insistence.

The children had been out of school for the entire week and arrived at my place at the tail end of their spring break. After having spent a week of 'fun' with their father, the girlfriend, and the two sons from the girlfriend, they were wound up and looking for more fun. Sage wanted another Lego kit but could not describe the one he had seen at the Lego store earlier in the week. After searching online for ten minutes, we were able to determine the one he wanted.

Cinnamon was content to read the book I brought her from Ireland last time. She is the only one of the three who enjoys reading and asks if she can read before she goes to bed each night. Having lost her second front tooth last night, she was not bothered by the fact she has a huge gap of missing teeth on the upper row. She claims the only downside is her not being able to whistle and eat a few foods easily.

cinnamon no front teeth

From Sage and Cinnamon's stomach aches this morning to Sage's fever now as he sleeps, this day has been eventful. It was late when my boyfriend and I were able to see and talk with each other this evening. Computer issues on his end were the reason. Sometimes circumstances are out of our control. Though we wish to have things to go smoothly, there are times they cannot. Life is unpredictable. Therefore, we need to learn to adapt the best way we can.