saffron easter list

Morning arrived far too early after having spent most of the night awake with a violent bout of the stomach flu. It took all of my energy to get the children ready for school but they were fed and dressed in time. Too weak to walk, I drove the children to the bus stop though the bus did not arrive on time. Seeing how it was ten minutes past the time it was to arrive, I simply drove the children to school.

Upon my return home, I retreated to bed and spoke with my boyfriend a short while before resting. Stomach aches would not let me sleep for over an hour but when I finally did get to rest I was awoken from slumber by the ring on my phone. The school called informing me of my son being at the nurse's office due to the stomach virus. I went to the school and brought him home. After a long hot shower, he went to bed and slept.

Before the girls came home, I was able to get a little more sleep. Once they arrived, I fed them a snack and had them work on their new Lego Friends lighthouse. Homework can wait until tomorrow when I am able to help them. Saffron worked on a list of foods each of the three wants for Easter whilst her sister was busying drawing bunnies on a blanket nearby.

cinnamon bunnies

Meanwhile, Sage felt better and wanted to work on his new Lego Movie kit in the cozy area under the stairs. By the time bedtime had arrived, he was close to finished with his 708-piece kit. The focus he has when working on something he enjoys amazes me. He even surprised me when he told me he wants to go to school tomorrow.

sage lego movie kit

With the weather warming and our being able to spend more time outdoors, I hope the illnesses subside and we spend less time to heal and more time to enjoy our days. This week holds much excitement as we prepare to move to the new place. An Easter egg hunt is planned in the backyard at the new place for the next time the children stay with me. As every year, they have much fun searching for the chocolates. This year will be different but at least we will be together.