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It was not a particularly exciting Monday. Then again, Monday is the day we most often dread as we start yet another week. For my boyfriend, today was a day off albeit he was called in to work an hour or two. For me it meant staying home to recover after two days of moving boxes. We saw each other on Skype but the mood was a bit somber as the realisation set in that we are unable to be together for quite some time.

One more job rejection but another possible opportunity. The great gap in work history does not help things in my search. 'I took time off to raise three children' is not an explanation which sits well with most employers. Still, I continue my search despite the lack of prospects. At some point the light at the end of the tunnel must come up.

Many relationships go through good times as well as bad. Unfortunately, my boyfriend met me at my lowest and surprisingly we are still together. A long distance relationship tests two people more than if they were physically together on a daily basis. Though the challenge is great, the reward is even greater if a couple is able to overcome those challenges which makes us stronger in the end.

When the universe keeps kicking us down we have two choices. We can either stay down and give up or we can get up over and over again and fight despite the odds being against us. Giving up is easy. It requires no effort. Getting up and fighting for what we believe in requires work and a conscious effort to make things better.

Today was a Monday of sorts. Though the day held more challenges, it is now done. Tomorrow is another day with opportunities for a better outcome. Seeing another tomorrow is a gift most people take for granted and something for which we should be thankful. Not every day will be sunny and pleasant, but it is only after the rain has passed that we are grateful to see the sun.