girls with lego friends

Months ago, when Saffron was still in Germany, she asked me if she could stay an entire week with me upon her return. I was leaving for Ireland two days after her arrival last month and promised her she could stay with me when I came back home. Her request was specific. She wanted her brother to join her Tuesday after school for one night and her sister to stay with her Thursday night.

This week was the first full week after my return home - the week I promised to Saffron. Since it was also the week all three children were to stay with their father, I had opposition when it came to Thursday's request with Cinnamon. School was cancelled today due to ice - or the promise of ice. It was cold, but not so cold to warrant a reason for children to be kept home. Because of this, it was decided that Cinnamon should be brought to my place after breakfast with her leaving my place at 17,00h. I was against this and stated it was not fair for Saffron.

Inquiring as to the reason Saffron's sister couldn't stay; I was given the silent treatment. Somehow it was a secret that she was to be whisked away for an evening of ice skating with her brother - information my daughter gladly revealed to me as I attempted to close my front door with some resistance. I wrongly believed the arguing would end with my divorce. I left the marriage because of it but now it is not much better.

Protecting our children should be our priority. I marvel at how my children keep up their spirit but wonder what all this turmoil will do to them in the long run. I watched the girls this afternoon as they played with Cinnamon's new Lego Friends Summer Caravan set. They took turns building the car and the attached van. They laughed and they played and were happy to spend time together.

They had fun but Saffron was sad her sister couldn't spend the night with her. She kept asking how many more hours until her sister had to leave. 'Why does she have to leave' she asked. I had no answer as I did not understand why myself. I do what I believe is in the best interest of the children but sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes I wish I could do more. Tonight, there would be no sleepover.