my three

Children have an enormous amount of energy which never seems to end. They can go for hours and hours playing and running around without even a pause to catch their breath. I am sure on many occasions most of us adults have wondered 'if only there was a way we could harvest the energy of children'. Imagine how much more we could do with at least half of their enthusiasm and persistence.

The three awoke early for a Sunday morning after having had plenty of sleep. It was 08,30h according to the new time due to Daylight Saving Time having started this morning. Cinnamon was happy to see the Tooth Fairy visited her during the night after having lost her front tooth yesterday. I wished to sleep a while longer as I was recovering from yesterday's sudden onset of the flu. Health wise today was better than yesterday. I know if I am able to go about cleaning the kitchen, I must be getting better.

Polenta made it to our breakfast table this morning. Our Sunday table was adorned with a vase of fresh spring tulips in pink. Sage commented on how he does not like pink. When I asked him which colour flowers he would prefer, he first said light blue before he insisted on grey. I told him there were no grey flowers of which I was aware albeit I do recall having seen the mention of black roses. Red was his third choice.

Throughout the day I was able to talk with my boyfriend as he had his first day off in seven days. He was finishing up with his move from his apartment of four years to one across the courtyard where he now shares a place with a friend. Both of us are making one more move before our move together which will take longer than either of us would like. I would still prefer to make the move overseas with my children but know it is not possible.

With three children, life is much more different than it was when Saffron was in Germany and only Sage and Cinnamon stayed with me. There are more arguments amongst the three, more tattling, and more endless energy. Despite that, I am happy to have them. They might be a handful but I cannot imagine life without them. The regular week commences tomorrow with a 6am awakening for school. The lunches are almost packed and the children already made their breakfast choices known to me. I look forward to this interesting week with anticipation.