bluebonnets first

Today's mission for after school was to photograph my three children in a field of bluebonnets. This was a first for me and after having discovered a field which was not on the side of a busy highway, I wished I had been photographing the three every year during the short bluebonnet season. But it is never too late to start.

The children had a fun time running around whilst being careful not to step on the 'scarce', according to Saffron, flowers. Both Sage and Cinnamon were rather fond of the light pink flowers, each having picked one for me which I kept to press in my journal.

We did not stay too long but hope to return in a week when the children return for another chance at capturing the rare beautiful flowers. That is, if the bluebonnets are still in bloom. Next year we will have to start earlier and find a time closer to the 'golden hour'.

saffron bluebonnets 2015
cinnamon bluebonnets 2015
sage bluebonnets 2015

Before the photography session, I spent three precious hours at the car dealership waiting on a routine maintenance which should have taken no longer than an hour. I would have preferred to spend the time preparing for my move tomorrow but I needed to make sure there would be no issues with the car on my first day of work next week.

Despite the long wait, I made it home ten minutes before the children showed up at the door. In addition to the maintenance, I now also have a key fob which works again. Interesting how we tend to rely on something as simple as a device which unlocks the door for you from afar. In situations such as rain, this proves quite useful as does being able to lock the door from inside the house if you happened to forget.

There is much to do before the children return next Friday. My starting a new job next week will limit the amount of time I will have to set up the new place, but such things can wait a while. Life should be about living in the moment and not worrying too much about what should, could, or would happen.

the girls the bluebonnets 2015

Watching the children play in the field of bluebonnets this afternoon with a smile on their faces made me realise how often we hurry through life and miss out on the simple pleasures and beauty before us. The innocence of children teaches us many things should we choose to listen. If we enjoyed the little moments as children do, life would be less harried and more satisfying.