seena with cat and bunny

Life would be much easier to manage if children would simply listen when asked to do something or not to do something. Every week the three are with me I think things will be better. At the end of each week, I realise they are not. This week was no exception and it seemed worse than the previous week. On the bright side, I received the call from the staffing agency about the temporary job assignment which I start Monday morning.

The children chose to stay up late last night as well as the previous nights. No matter what I did or said, they continued to play and be silly and not to listen. As a result, they were too tired this morning which also caused us to be later than usual. This meant I had to drive the younger two children the short distance up the driveway whilst Saffron had the bus wait for them. Cinnamon was still putting on her one sock and tennis shoe as she got in the car.

After having dropped off the children at the bus stop, I promptly returned to the daybed for more sleep. It was close to 11,00h when I finally awoke from a much needed rest. I glanced at my phone, which I had to mute whilst sleeping, and noticed that my boyfriend had called me. I texted him but his day was so hectic that he was unable to text me back until much later in the evening.

saffi sage socken

The call from the staffing agency came sometime after 13,00h. The temporary job assignment was mine albeit the person in charge of hiring was hesitant to give me the job. She stated I was overqualified for the position but decided to give me a chance after the lady at the staffing agency fought for my cause. We all need to start somewhere when we find ourselves in a situation where we have not been employed for close to a decade. Albeit temporary, it is the foot in the door I need for future employment opportunities.

The bickering and noncompliance continued tonight as I heard 'Mama! Sagey did [whatever it was he did]' and 'Saffi bit me!' outside my door. My patience had long since disappeared and I wished not to yell, so I gave myself a 'timeout' and listened to Depeche Mode on my computer. Despite the volume being turned up as high as possible, this did not end up drowning out the screaming and pounding on my door.

Earlier in the evening I informed the children I would get rid of all of their Easter candy if they did not settle down and go to sleep. So many times as parents we tell our children something but fail to follow through as the guilt sets in. Such was the case every time before but not tonight. The children continued to be unruly for close to an hour after I told them to go to bed. My threat needed to be realised this time, I decided, or the children would continue to take advantage of me.

the three socken bw

Tomorrow they will see I was serious about the candy being taken away, but I fear the cries will be many. I am not sure this will make much difference seeing how their father is planning a belated Easter egg hunt for them this weekend. Parenting is the most difficult job I have ever had. The job assignment next week will be a nice change of pace even if it lasts but for a short while.