sunset 419

The timing could not have been worse for the water in the kitchen to run out. I noticed the water pressure diminishing over the past week and thought I could put up with it for another week. However, when the water reduced to mere drips tonight, I wondered how I would go about cleaning the kitchen and cooking tomorrow when the children arrive.

Running upstairs to check the faucet in the bathroom, I noticed it was fine. I then went to my computer and looked up 'no water pressure in kitchen' before I sent an email to the landlord. If only this issue could have presented itself later in the week instead of now when I have six days left before I turn in the keys.

This Sunday was far from a relaxing one. The living room downstairs at the old place is now empty, an echo resonating throughout. I made five trips to the new place with the minivan packed as much as could fit. Or perhaps it was six. I know three of them were with boxes from the garage. Albeit I planned on moving my computer, I realised I still need it here this week. Another call to Time Warner Cable is warranted in the morning to see how much time I have until they disconnect the service at the old place.

Twice in one year. I have moved to two residences in a span of a year. In my earlier days, before I had children, this was normal. The state of unrest brought about by not having a permanent home is unnerving. I decided we would live as simply as possible for the next year, unpacking the necessities and leaving the rest in boxes. This I consider survival mode as opposed to living.

Bruises cover my thighs from having balanced both furniture and boxes during the past three weeks. Aches from carrying those items from one place to another accompany me from morning until night. I do not mind as I know the end is nigh. Patience is needed at a time like this but patience does not come easily these days. Both my boyfriend and I are living in survival mode at the moment and look forward to the day we can have a place to call home for several years. In time, the future will unfold. Our dreams will be realised. One day, not now.