long grey cloud

To think I could have both houses ready by the weekend turned out to be more wishful thinking than reality. Most of the day was spent out and about gathering the necessary supplies and food I could not get to earlier in the week. Whereas previously I was doing the shopping after I dropped the kids off at the bus stop, now I am joining the multitude of families who shop on weekends for food items needed for school the following week.

A change of plan was needed. I decided the children and I would spend our last week here at the old place since there was simply too much to do at the other place to make it livable. The children will sit at the bar on the three bar stools which we rarely used and I will stand whilst eating. We will sleep on the floor as if we were camping and we will make it work somehow for the four nights and four days I have the children. I will then shift my focus to the new place when I return the keys to the old place next Saturday.

At the old place, I disassembled the daybed into five pieces and then placed them into plastic protectors for their transport to the new place. The children's puzzle shelf was the other furniture item I took over today. Two more tables remain, one which I use for my computer and the other I use for blocking my hand knits. The computer will have to make it to the other place tomorrow and I can hope I am able to have everything connected properly.

Thunder and lightening came tonight along with heavy rains. There was a forecast for 'quarter-sized hail' as reported on the NOAA radio I have sitting in my kitchen. I wanted to avoid the hail damage from a few years back, so I grabbed my keys and headed out the door to park the minivan in the garage at the new place. Somehow the entrance to the garage here seems too small to be able to make it in without scratching the car.

Tomorrow is another day with more work to do even if it a day I would like to take time to rest. Despite the work, I will take time to make Sunday dinner for myself with the ingredients purchased today. I look forward to returning to the kitchen and focusing on creating healthy meals and realising my dream of writing a cookbook complete with my own photographs. It might seem like wishful thinking, but it is something which will one day become a reality.