sage writes story

The urgency I felt last night somehow disappeared by the morning only to be replaced by suppression. I realised I have time to move at my own pace and to not feel pressured by the landlord's insistence in bringing people over to view the townhouse. I have paid until the 25th and will turn in my keys on that day and no sooner. It is out of principle and I will now take my time.

Three loads in the minivan made it to the new place today albeit not quite full. I grabbed whatever was ready to go and made my way to the house to drop off what I had packed. The house is not out of the way. It takes me about five minutes to get there. I decided instead of spending the day making one trip after another, I would go to buy groceries and more packing material.

Sage requested pea soup for dinner for which I had to buy more carrots and fresh thyme and oregano. I also made it to the spice shop for Turkish bay leaves. I had Californian bay leaves but I had tossed them out a week ago as the taste is too strong for my liking. Crushed Urfa and Aleppo chilies were part of my purchases as well.


The time it takes for the pea soup to cook was too long to make it to tonight's dinner table. It will have to wait until tomorrow night. Instead, we ate rice and bean soft tacos with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and avocado. It is something all three children like to eat, unlike the pea soup where Sage is the only one who would want to eat it.

Before dinner, I helped Sage with his homework whilst the girls read their books. He had to write a sentence or story and draw a picture using this week's vocabulary words. The words included sun, cloud, rain, t-ball, ant, and snail. He drew a picture of himself playing soccer (which he called t-ball) in the rain during a storm at night with the moon up above.

In his story, he said he liked the rain and the storm. He drew sagging flowers and said they died because of the storm and the abundance of rain. Then he said he was tired and the moon came out. He spent quite a bit of time on his homework before he joined his sisters outside where they played until dinnertime.

girls outside

Whilst the rice was cooking, I was able to chat for a short time with my boyfriend. 'You look tired' he commented. I knew he was tired as well having worked so many long hours the past several days with more long days ahead. We both realize things would be more bearable if we had each other to come home to at the end of the day. That reality will come in time but for now we have technology. Text messages, Skype, and email are a part of our lives at the moment along with the belief that we will be together in the future.