palm tree 527
Take my hand
Come back to the land
Where everything’s ours
For a few hours
— Martin Gore, Depeche Mode ('Stripped')

It was not the alarm which woke me up this morning, rather the sound of pouring rain outside my bedroom window. ‘Oh, no’ I thought as I reflected on the past weekend and all the water which Mother Nature decided to bestow upon us. Fearing flooding over the highways, I decided to take a day off work yesterday which extended the holiday weekend to a 4-day weekend.

Though the highways were dry this morning, the looming dark clouds later in the day threatened us with more rain. Remaining in bed on this dowie Wednesday would have been preferable to venturing outdoors. By the time I drove home in the late afternoon, the weather was more tame.

Covered post boxes, along with a covered porch, were things I decided to keep in mind for my next house and not something to be taken for granted. Soggy mail and packages from Amazon are nothing to look forward to in case of a downpour or any amount of rain.

As with every morning, I look forward to hearing from him. 'What was that' he asked this morning, referring to last night's scarce and obscure words I wrote. In my half-awake state I attempted to explain my state of mind as of late. My worries about the future and my inability to fully focus in on what it is I am supposed to do.

In addition, the accidental blurriness of the photo of the field of flowers both inspired and uninspired me. For me it was better to write something than nothing. A journal expresses one's state of mind on a certain day, thus the term 'journal'. Some days there will be more to say than others.

At the moment, as I am writing, I am enthralled by the sounds of Dave's voice singing 'I Am You'. Music is a powerful force and has the ability to change the course of our future and take us back to a time when we first heard the mesmerising sounds of our favourite bands. Depeche Mode is certainly a band which has been a part of my life since they emerged on the music scene during my teenage years.

Reflecting on the sounds of one song after another, I am transported to the Depeche Mode concerts of 2013 I was fortunate to have enjoyed in both Ireland and Scotland. Both countries are fascinating in their own way but there is something magical and mystical specific to Scotland and a place I hope to share with my boyfriend by year's end.