trader joes sunday

After the morning at the gym and a surprise breakfast of hot wheat farina cereal with light brown sugar and cinnamon, we climbed back into the minivan for a short excursion. I could have waited to get the feta and pistachios from Trader Joes until tomorrow when the children were in camp but I was in search of light and a change of scenery to be able to photograph the children.

sunday tj bench

We were all happy to be out of the house for various reasons. The children are always excited about those baby carts one can find at Trader Joes. There were two medium-sized ones left which the girls took which meant Sage was without a cart. Since families were out and about doing their grocery shopping for the week this Sunday afternoon, all of the carts were spoken for by the other children.

Sage's insistence on a baby cart needed resolution if I was to get anything accomplished. As I glanced over at the registers, I noticed one red baby cart on which were stacked two shopping baskets. Shopping could now resume but not without having to remind the three not to play bumper carts throughout the store. At one point Saffron bumped into me and I raised my voice letting her know we would leave if she continued to ram the cart into my ankles.

Upon leaving, the checkout clerk handed the children a row of stickers from a spool and they were happy for a few seconds as they sat outside on a bench I had not noticed before. I am almost certain it is new but cannot be sure. It did, however, prove to be a much nicer place for a photograph than the inside of our cave.

by tjs bench posing

Throughout the day, my boyfriend and I were able to see each other on Skype due to his rare Sunday off from work. We were happy about our being able to see each other in less than two weeks. It was a different sort of feeling. A feeling of peacefulness and of acceptance of a family life and a love we for which we have both been searching.