bubble in galway

Moments in life come and go as do the people we meet. Sometimes we might be fortunate enough to come across those same people at a later time. Other times the encounters we have are meant as fleeting moments in our lives. The reason for such encounter might not be readily apparent but there is a reason for all things.

This morning it was not the sound of rain which jarred me out of a deep sleep rather the sound of a woman yelling outside our bedroom window. Most likely she was fighting with a boyfriend but I was mostly asleep whilst she continued to spew insults and hateful words as I drifted back to sleep.

Despite the disruption in sleep I awoke around the same time and left for my morning jog at the park. This time I pushed myself to do one more round around the park than yesterday. Somehow it seems to be getting a little easier but such is the way with building habits. Replacing the bad habits with good ones takes time but the key is consistency.

The forecast for today was sun which made it a good day to spend in Galway. I left the apartment before he left for work in order to make the 11,25 bus. It would be an hour and 20 minutes to the bus station in Galway.

The scenery along the way was beautiful. I smiled every time I saw the cows or sheep or horses but I knew if my boyfriend was with me he would have different words for the sheep and cows.

My first stop was Renzo Café for a cappuccino and scone with cream. Last month when my boyfriend and I were in Galway, we went to this café and had paninis which were very good. Afterwards I started my walk around the town.

There are many artists along the main street to include singers, magicians, and even a sand sculptor. I first encountered a man making large bubbles whilst a little girl tried to catch them. I watched as the bubbles floated away up into the sky and burst not long afterwards.

catching bubbles

A short way down the street I veered to the right to the craft market where I had purchased necklaces for my girls last month. I wanted to buy one for my son but none of the colours available called out to me as they did for my daughters. Just as I walked away a few feet I turned back for a moment and noticed a puzzle piece as a necklace.

I spoke to the shop owner for at least 15 minutes as she explained the colours she had available and how she procured the copper pieces from the States. Since she did not have a business card, I gave her my contact card so she would let me know when the custom piece I requested for my son would be ready.

Galway is a beautiful city with so much to see. I could have spent another day there but know I have time still to do so later this month if I wish to return. Perhaps I could return to spend a night there with my boyfriend as we enjoy one night away from Ennis.

galway 715

There were many people in the city today with most basking in the sun by the water. I walked over to the grassy area where the iconic row of buildings are located and wished to take a photograph with a reflection of the buildings in the water. However, the sun was too bright for such a photograph which is another reason I need to return to the city at night.

As I was photographing the scenery before me, to include the swans and boats, I heard pieces of a conversation behind me taking place between two couples. One was a young couple with the woman looking as if she was about to give birth at any moment. Her pregnant belly was bare to the sun as she basked in the warmth of the day. Her partner was listening as she spoke with the other couple.

The other couple was older with the husband being from France and the wife from the States. Both were now living in the countryside outside of Galway. They were discussing politics and the corruption in both Ireland and the States. Welfare and health concerns were topics and at some point New Zealand came up in the conversation. Pierre was saying how in order to live in New Zealand one needs to bring $350,000 with them in order to get to live in the country.

As much as I enjoyed the conversation I wished not to intrude so I packed up my camera and readied to leave. Deborah asked me if I was a photographer and if I sold my photographs. At that point, I decided to stay and join in the conversation. She told me her story of being a single mother in the States, first in Boston then having to move to Florida. She now lives in Ireland with her husband of six years and is writing two books.

I could have stayed at talked to her for hours longer as she was a free spirit as me but we both had to leave. The moments we are given in life as we meet new people though fleeting should be enjoyed. There is always a reason someone comes into our lives though we may not know the reason until much later. Sometimes the moments are fleeting as a bubble which we watch as it floats up into the sky and disappears. Other times we are fortunate enough to see them again.