Mixed emotions of this last day with the children. I dropped them off at their father's house a half hour later than usual and said 'goodbye'. It will be a long time until I see them again. Five weeks to be exact. What they will do and where they will go during that time has not been disclosed to me by their father though I have inquired about it many times.  

They loved their time at summer day camp this past week which was filled with all sorts of activities including swimming, rock wall climbing, basketball, bowling, yoga, and simply playing with other children. Had they stayed home, they would have been bored within a few minutes of waking in the morning so I was glad to have given them this experience.

Whatever they do during the time they are away from me, I wish them to be safe and healthy. Five weeks will seem like an eternity to them but my hope is that they will at least Skype with me once in a while. I will be living in Ireland with my boyfriend until then - until August when I see my children again.