sunset birds

Sometimes if you are patient enough, you will get rewarded with a moment of the beauty of nature. The day was drawing to a close and I wanted another chance at capturing a colourful sunset. Clouds ruled the sky letting but a slight orange pass through. In a mere moment as I glanced at my new favourite tree, I saw them. The sunset birds.

At first there was one. Then another bird appeared at which point I had to be quick with my manual camera settings to capture the moment of the two birds sitting side by side on a branch against the orange glow. Thirty seconds later the birds flew away and then reappeared with a friend.

Not everyday will life be as the colourful sunsets we seek. Clouds will take over but we need to find at least one good thing for which to be thankful every day.

vertical sunset

Sometimes we need to wait. It might be longer than we at first expected but there is a reason for things happening when they do. We simply need to trust that our time for the moment, like the one of the sunset birds, will come when we least expect it.

sunset branch

At that point, we need to be ready, for a moment is but a brief period of time which comes and goes whenever it pleases. We can either embrace it or give it up. It is a choice we get to make.