twcc sunset 0708

As the clouds of the evening sky, so scattered about are my thoughts and emotions as I wonder what the future holds for us. For me, my children, my boyfriend. Though we should strive to live in the moment and not let the past or the future get in our way of enjoying the moment of now, sometimes this is easier said than done. 

My countless attempts at finding gainful employment have been fraught with difficulties and seeming impossibilities as I wonder how I will be able to provide for my children once my funds are depleted. This place, this city is far away from where I want to be living with my children but somewhere I need to be for now. What the future holds will one day be revealed.

As tempting as it would be to fast forward life as we might fast forward a movie to see what happens in the end, life simply does not work in such fashion. Patience, a word we might come to loathe, is always at the forefront of our being able to move forward. For now, we must learn to live with our scattered thoughts and accept that all will be revealed in time.