There comes a point in our lives when we realise that all the worry in the world will do us no good as things will happen in their own time. The calmness we experience when we let go and ride the waves of life instead of fighting against them will bring more benefit to us and those around us in the end. This serenity keeps us going.

As my boyfriend and I wait to start our lives together in one part of the world instead of on two different continents which is our current situation, we often get frustrated. We wonder when we will see each other again in person. We look forward to the time when we will get to live the everyday life we experienced this summer.

For the moment, we are doing all we can to move things along. Now we simply must wait and enjoy this unique time in our lives, seeing it as an adventure, a challenge, and a true test of our patience and devotion to each other. It would be easy for us to give up, citing distance as the issue as do most people in long-distance relationships. But we keep going and know we will be together soon enough.