ennis hands

The last day has arrived. I was craving a coffee and knew the only place I could get a really good tasting coffee here was at my usual coffeehouse. My boyfriend and I decided to meet there as we both had a few things to do.

'Let's meet there at 11,30' he exclaimed. 'Ok', I agreed, and then he requested I order him a coffee before his arrival as he knew I started to wait for him before ordering. Times before we would end up with either cold coffee or my having already eaten my scone with my cappuccino and then ordering another coffee when he showed up.

He assured me he would be there at the specified time. Knowing from before how I had to wait for him, I decided to take my time in getting to the coffeehouse. I browsed the O'Mahoney's bookshop and found another book for my oldest and then went to get her a dress I had been eyeing for a while. 'He would not be there yet' I thought to myself.

As I approached the Suas Coffeehouse, I glanced at my phone. It was precisely 11,30 when I climbed the stairs. I entered the room and looked behind me to see my boyfriend reaching the top of the stairs. As he walked in, he looked at the time then at Conor. My boyfriend had already been there two minutes before. Conor gave me an acknowledging look that 'yes, he was here earlier'.

We ordered our usual and talked for a while knowing this would be the last time for coffee at this location as there are plans to relocate the coffeehouse across the street to a larger building. More space is necessary as there is often a queue outside the door most days. The wait is worthwhile. Our coffee was Conor's treat today which was quite the nice surprise. The scone was tasty as well and my almost daily trips to the coffeehouse I will miss.

Afterwards we had a few more things to do in town but the last day was better than my last day in June. We are learning. He even made me a nice vegetarian meal tonight with onions, bell peppers, spinach, spaghetti, Edam cheese, and Urfa peppers. I will miss our dinners together as we have gotten quite used to them this past month.

There are many things we both will miss from our month of living together. It will be difficult to adjust to living our lives apart but we must do so for a while longer. Though only two days ago I said I would not return to the coffeehouse, I returned anyway just as the many times I said I would not return to Ennis. Sometimes 'never' is not as certain as we think it might be.