galway bookshop

The bookshop was unlike any other I have come across thus far. We stumbled upon it when a man wearing a sign board advertised it on Quay Street, the pedestrian street full of shops and places to eat. As he kept turning, so did the sign's arrow.

We followed the arrow through a covered passage way which seemed to lead to nowhere. The sound of glass clattered as bar workers dumped empty beer bottles into bins in the nearby walkway, blocking the way to the street on the other side. Not knowing of the other street at first, we turned back and exited the way we entered.

Curiosity struck and my boyfriend went to ask the sign man where exactly was the bookshop. We were headed in the right direction but just had to navigate past the bins of empty glass bottles. And there is where we spotted a most unique bookshop. Though I wanted to take photographs of the inside, I could not get myself to do so.

One level led to another with books stacked from floor to ceiling. Just when you think you have seen it all, you stumble upon another area filled with more books. Some books were used, others new. I found an art card game for the children along with a new book I thought the girls would enjoy.

After the bookshop, we continued on our way around the pedestrian street and finally came upon the street by the seaside. But before the bookshop we made sure to visit the craft market to get a necklace for my son since I had bought one each for the girls on my visit in June. My boyfriend picked out a nice red one for me.

galway seaside

It was a perfect day to go. We were quite lucky with the weather as the sun shined during all but ten minutes of our four hours there with some intermittent wind. Being as it was a bank holiday, our favourite cheese shop was closed by the French bakery was open so we were able to get a baguette before we headed to the seaside.

anchor galway

As I changed lenses and composed shots of the Galway houses along the sea, he fed the swans pieces of the baguette. They would have none of it as they were more interested in finding fish to eat.

We wandered back to Quay street and found a place to sit before heading back to the bus station. Our ride out to Galway was full of laughter as we each saw the cows and sheep in a different light. The ride back was quiet. There were no words spoken as thoughts of the future crowded our minds.

We both tried not getting caught up in the knowledge of this having been the next to the last day we had together, but it was near impossible. Knowing we have much work ahead of us in order to get to the point where we are together on one continent, we still do not know when will be the next time we see each other again. Maybe this year. Perhaps next.

chalk artist words
harp and accordian galway