rooftop 802

The plan was to go to Galway today. Rain, however, stopped us from doing so. We ventured outdoors for coffee and bananas then stayed in the rest of the day.

The coffeehouse opened at 13,00 today. It was his first day off today but he had somewhere to go before we went for coffee so he asked me to go and wait for him. I arrived at five minutes past the opening time and was able to grab 'my' table. I kept looking outside hoping he would arrive sooner rather than later.

He arrived twenty minutes later. Our cappuccinos were wonderful. My scone was not and as such I simply had to return it. This would be our last time visiting the coffeehouse this trip and perhaps for the foreseeable future.

There was no going to the park this morning either. I have resolved myself to the idea that I will have to wait until I return to Texas to resume my workouts.

Tomorrow we will attempt to go to Galway again though the forecast is for more rain. We need to attempt to make the best of the last two days we have together.