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Since it was Sunday, we had to wait until the offices opened at noon in order to go to the housing community nearby. Having learned of this area years ago, I decided it was one of the few affordable areas in the surrounding Austin area where we might have a chance at buying a home. It would have to be a small home which is fine for the time being.

It was hot outside and the children were excited but I learned rather quickly that one should go without children to research possible home sites, if possible. Though I realise this excursion was a bit like putting the cart before the horse, we need to start at some point and at least have an idea of what is available.

At some point in life, we come to realise that most things we want are simply out of our reach. Such was the case on this exploratory Sunday as I weighed our options against reality and came to the conclusion that more is not always better and that we should be grateful for all of the little things in life we have been given.