sunset 012316

The first month of the new year draws to a close in a week's time. Many changes loom on the horizon. Some bring feelings of fear. Others bring along a sense of happiness. One thing to remember is that change is a necessary part of life. It cannot be avoided. Life moves forward. It can never go back. We can never go back and change what has happened.

As fearful as it might be to move forward, it is more frightening to stand still and wonder what could have been than to face a life of regrets. Taking a chance on something is still better than not for at least we have tried.

A friend once told me 'on the other side of ‘fear’ and ‘uncertainty’, is ‘serenity’ and ‘experience’'. This year I look forward to some sense of serenity as the next chapter in my life begins. The future unfolds a day at a time. Minute by minute our world changes in one way or another.