hangers and nails

It started tonight. The dreaded requirement to have strangers traipse through my rental house so the landlord can rent it to someone else. The lesson I have learned this time is to run from any lease agreement which requires a 60-day notice. Thirty is bad enough but this is worse. Much worse, particularly when dealing with the current landlord.

'Your proposal to wait over a week to show the home to an extremely excited and eager tenant is totally unreasonable.... This is unacceptable per the lease agreement you signed on March 25, 2015, page 7, section 19.'

'If you refuse entry on Saturday, January 30, you will be in lease violation and subject to the following damages: rent for every day the home is not rented after March 24, 2016, cost to have the home leased (realtor fees), attorney fees, court fees, and any other expenses.'

'Why do you even bother asking then?' I replied to the nasty and rather lengthy email I received from the landlord tonight. And why am I responsible for his not being able to rent this place after my lease is over?! This is absurd.

Though I understand the need of a landlord to rent a place before it becomes vacant, I do not understand his being unaccommodating, rude, and unreasonable when it comes to my time. I was given a choice between people coming during dinner on Friday night when my children arrive to stay with me or Saturday morning during our breakfast.

I suggested he come by with the prospective tenants next Saturday as my children will not be staying with me and also because this would give me more time to pack up some more of my belongings - the few I bothered to unpack amidst the piles of boxes stacked in the family room which I have been using as storage this past year. This, though, was unacceptable to the landlord.

My hope is that the people agree to rent this place when they come around Saturday morning so that I do not have to go through this ordeal every single weekend for the next 60 days. My children and I will be eating breakfast then and waiting for the violation of our personal space to be over.