saffi girl

'I can fit in my locker' boasted Saffron as she walked through the door this afternoon. Being so petite, she is often mistaken for a first or second grader though she is now in fourth grade. She continued to tell me that classmates dared her to try to fit inside her school locker since she is so small. 

Being small has its advantages. In ballet she would be able to fly through the air with little effort if only she would take the class more seriously. Today, as times before, she was not focused. She was mostly playful but the class seemed a bit slow as well.

When the class was over, we climbed into the minivan and drove the 20 minutes home. 'Who made God' I heard my son ask. 'No one' answered Saffron as she explained that God created himself. 'Poof! I'm created' she replied. I found myself laughing for the first time in a long time. Certainly this year will need more laughs than the last.