beautiful sunset

I was able to spend half an hour moving boxes and whatever else I could grab from the old apartment to take to the new apartment. Half an hour was all I had before the children arrived around noon. I knew I would not be able to do much moving whilst they are here but was not able to do much in the past week due to my getting sick. But time passes at a rapid pace.

One week from today I hand in my keys and can focus on our new place. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the States and I promised the children they would be at my place instead of with their father. Though I do not celebrate as the rest of the country, I did manage to plan for us to eat salmon with rice and haricot verts.

I thought we would be able to have a nice meal at the new apartment. I did not factor in the lost week of being confined to bed feeling under the weather. Now we will make do with dinner amidst chaos. A chaos I will be glad to see disappear when I spend the next several weeks setting up and organising and ridding our lives of all things not needed. A calmness to replace the stress of mess.