thanksgiving sunset

Today was the day where we as a nation sit down with family and friends to share a table full of food and to express our gratefulness. Though I had planned a simple meal with my children, I was grateful for the kindness of neighbours who invited my children to a hearty Thanksgiving meal and provided them an entire afternoon of entertainment.

The girls played with the girls downstairs, one of which is a classmate of Cinnamon's. They have a bunny called Fluffy in a cage on the patio and a large black dog indoors that I saw in a cage when I went to get my children later in the evening. The girls told me they made brownies from scratch. I was happy they found something to do as there is nothing to do in our small apartment other than for them to sit and play with their iDevices.

Meanwhile, Sage was outside the entire afternoon. At one point his soccer ball was taken away so he simply sat on the grass. Every time I would pass him on my way to and from the new apartment he would wave and say 'Hi kitty!' to which I would reply 'Hi baby!'. Then I would see him tossing a bottle of water in the air and up the grassy hill.

After 15 trips back and forth carrying whatever my two arms could carry, I felt I accomplished more than I have this entire past week. Though still getting over this flu, I managed to carry over my computer and monitor, the shredder, the second glass door to the tall red cabinet, a box of children's books, a box of my books that I purchased during my travels to Ireland and Scotland this past year or so, two baskets of laundry, and whatever else I found along the way and on my way out the door.

Even though my Thanksgiving dinner consisted of water crackers with cheese and avocado, along with one lebkuchen and ginger cookies with coffee, I was happy that my children were able to eat a great meal with friends. I am sure they were happy to eat turkey instead of the salmon we had planned to eat. Hopefully the salmon will keep until tomorrow and we can sit down together for one of our last dinners at this old place before we make the move to a place which will be better suited for our family of five.