leaves and tree

The day started out warm but ended on a cold note. It is currently two degrees Celsius. Tomorrow is forecast to be even colder with a freeze warning. How I wish I would have installed the iron curtain rods by now. Those velvet curtains would be perfect for keeping out the cold air. But that is another project I have to put on hold for a while longer.

Before my shift at work today, I rushed off to the store to buy Christmas presents for the girls and for our family as a whole. All in anticipation of doing things differently in the new year. All for the sake of going forward and making next year better than this one. 

But the end of this year has already turned for the better as I married my love, moved into our new place where we will settle for at least the next two years, and started a new job with interesting people. It has taken a while to get to where we are now. But we need to be a little more patient for other great things to follow.

The belief that things will get better is a self-fulfilling prophecy in itself. Hard work and a positive attitude along with a happy home is what we need to move forward towards success. We all need someone who believes in us and encourages us to change for the better. Someone in addition to ourselves.

All of these changes are only the beginning of finally finding contentment and a much needed stability in life. Our lives need change in order for us to grow. But we also wish for the security of a happy home with strength and support, but most important - love.