sunset trees 12182016

It was cold. Not gelid but more than chilly at -4 degrees Celsius. As the sun had not yet made its appearance by the time I awoke this Sunday morning, I was unsure whether or not the white I saw across the road at the high school parking lot was snow. To my disappointment, it was not.

The heater was on all day yet somehow it never felt as warm as I would have liked it to feel. More than likely due to the heat escaping through the large windows. But I like the windows and being able to look outside, even if it is on a parking lot.

My Sunday turned out not to be as I had hoped. Without a sense of urgency, the furniture set up is delayed as is everything else in our apartment aside from the immediate kitchen needs. But I did get to read at least a few pages from my new book. On the mattress in our bedroom. The book about living in Denmark for a year.

I wished to bake cookies today but then thought what was the point in baking for myself. The house is empty and will remain so for the next ten days until the children return. At that point it will make sense to bake cookies as there will be someone other than myself to eat them. In the past I have waited to bake cookies on Christmas day. After all of the presents have been opened.

If I accomplish more on my to-do list by the end of the week, I will see to getting a tree and perhaps baking some cookies on Christmas day. A tree would be a nice addition to this place. As would the smell of spiced cookies and cakes. And maybe, just maybe we will get a white Christmas though I suspect it will be simply wishful thinking on my part.