'Be positive' he said during our first call of the day. My husband can sense when I'm feeling down and knows what to say to keep me from going to that place. We were discussing our being alone for Christmas. I mentioned that at least he has his roommate to keep him company at which point he encouraged me to look on the bright side.

He promised me this would be our last Christmas apart. He said he would even swim across the ocean in order to make it here. I wondered if I should mention sharks, then thought otherwise as that was not being positive. But I got the point. I decided to make some kind of effort to make Christmas special even if it is just for me this year.

A day off from work meant a day of running around to get things done that otherwise cannot be accomplished in the hours before and after work. I drove to the Turkish shop to get my Croatian coffee. I was glad to have made it there in time to get a parking spot as there are about ten available spots for that location. In all of my years going to that shop and being rung up for the same product year after year, I do not recall seeing the owner smile or acknowledge my return to his shop.

When I mentioned that he run up some chocolate I bought the children for more than the price tag on the display, he simply said 'Oh, they must have raised the price'. There was no customer service. No offer to refund me the difference. As I walked out of the shop I considered going back to ordering my coffee online. Before I discovered that shop. But I decided to 'be positive' and not say anything.

Central Market and Whole Foods were next on my list of stops. Going food shopping this time of year is bound to bring delays and lack of parking spaces. But I remained positive as I drove around for close to ten minutes looking for an open spot. The shops were pleasantly crowded. I decided to plan a simple dinner for myself just as my husband was planning on doing on the other side of the world.

Once home we talked on Skype. I remembered him telling me this morning that we could talk for hours on Skype on Christmas day. And we certainly can talk quite a lot about everything and nothing in particular.

Reminising about our challenges of a long-distance relationship and how we survived a most difficult time. And then planning for our future. One filled with hope and adventure. Certainly that is something to be positive about, I thought as I continued my research of the Christmas cookies I wished to make this holiday season.