siblings 12302016

I admire my younger two children for making the best out of our current situation. One where they must improvise in absence of something ready-made. And in the absence of their iDevices. It is a useful life lesson and skill they will need for their future when they find themselves in a not-so-ideal situation.

I watched them play together. Sage tried showing his sister how to play Battleship. They played on the beds but at one point all of Sage's ships fell off the grid and the game was then over. They switched to colouring then to playing school.

Cinnamon was the teacher administering a math quiz and a spelling quiz. The math quiz he passed with no mistakes. It was apparent that spelling is not his strong point. I did, however like his spelling of unicorn as 'younacorn’.

They continued to play on the balcony despite Cinnamon’s allergies. The cedar allergies which affect us both. They made the best out of not having a yard as Sage ran laps around the balcony and his sister did gymnastics. But it is not a large balcony. Yet they somehow made it work.

We sat down together on the floor for a snack of apples with thin rice cakes and almond butter. This was their pretend school lunchtime after which they returned to classes. In the meantime, I started the lentil soup for dinner.

My daughter commented on how much better it tasted than before and liked my addition of rice at the end as the soup finished cooking. Both children questioned the green stuff. The sliced fresh spinach leaves I placed on the bottom of the bowls before pouring over the hot soup. I said nothing more than it was 'vegetables'. They ate all of it.

I realise none of this is easy for the children as they travel back and forth from one house to another. But more difficult with my having moved so many times and them not having the stability which they deserve. My hope for all of us is the stability of family and our moving forward towards a better future together.