There were a few good things which happened this year. The highlight was having my now husband come to the States for the first time and our getting married. Getting a job a few weeks before the end of this year was the other good thing this year.

But it seems this year was wrought with many more of the 'bad'. I am certain I did not anticipate moving three times this year. Nor did I think that my getting pneumonia would cause such a disruption in my ability to take care of my children. Aside from my taking them to California for two weeks this summer, I saw my children much less than I should have.

For my children, the changes this year have been many as well. Not only have they moved three times with me but they were uprooted from their family home they have known all of their lives to a new one with their father and his wife. And they relocated schools this autumn season as well. I never cease to marvel at their ability to adapt to such frequent and often sudden changes.

Our last day together this year started with freshly baked vanilla bean scones. It was a recipe I found on Sweet Paul's website. When my son did not recognise what I had made, I realised that it had been too long since I baked much of anything. This is something I intend to change next year. Afterwards we went out to a few stores to get something for eating, something for organising the kitchen, and something for entertaining the children.

I believe next year will be a better year. So now I say goodbye to 2016 and await midnight for the start of a new and much more rewarding life.