shadow 020416

There are those days where everything seems to be going against you.

When the lease agreement you need to sign will not print until you ask for assistance from a worker at the copy place. An issue which would be no issue if only you had a printer at home so you did not have to drive the almost half hour to get one document printed.

When the 'FOR RENT' sign still stares back at you from the front lawn no matter how much you wish it would disappear for its presence means you are bound to that house for the next 60 days or until it gets rented lest you get slapped with a lawsuit from the current landlord. Or you give in and let him traipse through the house with strangers whilst you are overseas visiting your beloved. Something I am not willing to do. So I continue to wait.

When you scour the internet job boards and find you are not able to find anything which will get you closer to being able to buy a house of your own anytime soon.

Then there is the time when you get the alarming email from your son's teacher with the leading words of 'something happened today' and you think it is something serious and worth your worry. Then you find out it was a matter of my son having looked over the shoulder of a classmate during science class whilst stumbling upon a 'graphic' breast feeding video. Which makes you want to respond with all sorts of sarcasm at the disbelief of such absurdity. Which also caused me to have to explain to my son that he did nothing wrong as he became defensive when asked what happened in school.

And later when your son throws the largest fit ever over your cutting out the paper Hershey's kisses for his Valentine's project due in the morning which you thought was helpful but turns out to be quite the opposite as he wanted to cut the shapes out himself.

And then searching for something to photograph for the picture of the day only to come up with nothing which moves you as your creativity has come to a standstill.

When all of these things happen in one day, you cannot help thinking the universe has it in for you.

No matter how much you would like to take things in stride you can do only what is in your power. Tomorrow is another day.