spring blossoms

Twice in the last month. The fitness club set me an email letting me know this was the number of days I had visited the club during the month of February. I am sure January was the same and I knew I had to change this.

I felt it this morning after yesterday's first visit of this month. The 45-pound bar at the bench no longer felt effortless as it did at the end of last year when I used to add another fifteen pounds to the bar throughout my workout. My arms were sore from simple weight lifting with the dumbbells the day before. All of my strength was gone.

The words which came to mind were 'use it or lose it' and it had proven to be true. I vowed to start over and return to the routine I had set up for myself before. The one which made me feel better about both myself and many things around me. It will take a while to return to the way I felt before but it is better to start again than to not. Better late than never, so the saying goes.