Putting ice into Gatorade bottles

Putting ice into Gatorade bottles

The last Monday in July. Our sixth day here in California. I decided to take the children on a two-week trip out west to the land where I grew up. A state I much prefer over the state where I currently have to live. They have never been here and are very much enjoying their time with family and friends.

Today was a day at home. We ate a simple breakfast of bread with Irish cheese and avocado along with peanut butter with honey. I also made them a berry banana smoothie in the super Ninja blender at my sister's house where we are staying. Sage was upset that I did not let him help me make the smoothie so I had to pinky promise him to let him help tomorrow.

The kids played in the living room whilst I made my list of needed ingredients for cakes we will bake later in the week. My mom went to the store and I stayed home and waited to talk with my boyfriend. He had but one day off this week and had plenty to do before returning to work tomorrow.

We talked for a while today as we had little time the past few days to do so. Now we have to calculate an eight hour difference when we want to talk. The two extra hours from Austin to California might not seem a lot but somehow it makes a great difference. 

We have many plans on the horizon. Change is exciting but can also cause much fear of the unknown. But as difficult as it may be, change is essential in life if we are to move forward.

I gave in to the fatigue I was feeling and took advantage of the kids going to nona's pool with aunt and uncle by taking a nap. Though I kept fighting it, I realised I needed it. I awoke about ten minutes before they arrived.

The kids love to spend time with their uncle who is somewhat of a kid himself. They call him the Cookie Monster. A name that stuck with him that one time he came to visit us in Texas when they were much younger. I joined them on their walk to the treehouse on the property where we sat in the 39C weather and enjoyed the end of day six in California.