the three fountain

'I want something different for breakfast' replied my oldest when I asked her what she wanted to eat this morning. She was tired of eating bread or yogurt or cereal. So, something different is what she had when nona appeared at the door with cornbread.

The kids loved the cornbread and ate it with maple syrup. Along with a berry smoothie, which Sage helped me make this morning, this satisfied my daughter's desire for an alternate breakfast.

At the table, my sister made an appointment at a hair salon for the girls. I was surprised how much less it cost than in Austin. Granted they did not get their hair dried or styled but that was not necessary as the continuing 40C weather dried their hair in no time.

After breakfast we headed to the stores. The oldest and youngest joined their auntie at the bookstore whilst I went to the mall across the street with my middle child who requested to have a little time alone with me so she can buy her brother a belated birthday present.

It did not take her long to find something for her brother. I smiled at her consideration and insistence on using her allowance money to buy something not only for Sage but for her older sister as well. Then she proceeded with a plan on how to make something with the gift she bought him. We continued on to Zara where we found a few beautiful and affordable outfits for Cinnamon.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the road, the two other children were using their allowance money to buy something. Saffron bought a bunny puppet for her sister and a hairband craft kit of which she made something for her sister as well as herself. Sage bought a lion stuffed animal and a kitty cat book. He would have bought something for his siblings but did not have all of his money with him.

Afterwards we drove the short distance to the fountains area where there was a farmer's market and additional shops, including Whole Foods. Tuesday is free train ride day so the children got to ride the little train around and then played in the interactive fountain nearby. I walked over to Whole Foods to get a few more ingredients for Sage's cake as well as other items we will eat in the next week we are still here.

Then it was back home to drop off the groceries and to feed the children before heading to the hair salon. Though my middle daughter wished to have a cut which would be noticeably shorter, I convinced her to have a simple trim for now. Next year, if she still wishes, she can cut her hair shorter. I also made an appointment for myself for later in the week. Perhaps the third time is the charm and I can get something noticeable myself.

Today was a day full of activities and plans for the kids which somehow still did not tire them. And tomorrow will be another day where we will do something different yet again.