january sunset

The sound of the rain pounding on the concrete below my window last night brought hope of colder days to come. Once asleep I was awoken by flashes of lightning accompanied by sounds of thunder. Neither lasted long or so I thought. I could have just fallen back asleep. To my dismay, this did not mean winter was on its way.

It also did not mean that the rain was here to stay. Though it was the heavy rain of last year which brought about the high growth of the Juniper trees which cause cedar fever, it is the rain I hope for to wash off the pollen along the way.

I turned to the Internet to find out more about this year's prediction for cedar fever. To my dismay, once again, the news reports a possibility that this year might be the highest ever pollen count due to the heavy rains which caused such growth of the trees. To further my dread of this season, recent news reported that this year cedar fever could last into March.

This was not good news and neither is the constant sense of exhaustion I feel on a daily basis. I researched some more and found a news article written two years ago on home remedies to try. A hot shower was one such suggestion. A massage was another. The shower was doable. A massage, however, will have to wait for a while.

One more interesting remedy was a change to our diet. Specifically 'things which create mucus in the body'. These things include sugar, dairy, and wheat. All of which I consumed today. Last October I went a month without these three food types and felt better. It might be time to exclude those types of foods once again as I remember feeling better as a result.