Despite our best intentions, life does not always go into the direction we wish it to go. It takes a turn. Then another. And when we finally think we are on the right path, life decides to head in the opposite direction on another road. So when a plan goes awry you need an alternate plan. A backup plan. Plan B.

It is apparent that this year will not be as easy as I had hoped it would be. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. But we move forward. Somehow. And we realise that things will only work if we stay on course. If we do not veer off the road into another direction hoping to take a shortcut as there are no shortcuts in life.

Life challenges us to do our best. For ourselves and for the ones we love. Undoubtedly things will come up to stand in the way of our plans. In that case we need to do some quick thinking and come up with plan B. Another solution to get to where we wish to go.