The children love when I have surprises for them. Surprises which can be either small or a bit larger. Sometimes it can be a special meal or a cake. Other times it has been a new piece of clothing or a matter of going out for a picture walk which has not happened for a while. Today there were two surprises.

Before everyone awoke, I logged onto my laptop to book a reservation to eat out for a special meal. This does not happen but less than a handful of times a year mostly since I prefer to eat at home but also due to the fact that I can use the money for meals for a better cause. But today was that better cause. We enjoyed a lot of good Indian food as a family.

After breakfast, I took Sage with me to get him new running shoes which we did not find at one store but later in the afternoon found at another. First we had to go work on the second surprise. As I parked in front of the moviehouse to run inside and inquire about availability for tonight's showings, Sage wondered why I was there.

The second surprise was in lieu of movie night. I told him I just needed to ask about something. Which I did. But I also bought the tickets for tonight's late night showing which started after 21,00. The movie was Coco. An animated movie which turned out to be more interesting than I thought it would be. We had our own snacks of chocolates, cookies, and gummi bears.

It was late when we came home and the children were asleep in a short while. My oldest was the first to experience the effects of a day of fun and errands today. It was worth the happiness the children felt about having gone out as a family.