The day started later than expected. This was a rare incidence that I had slept in until 09,00 and I would have slept a little longer if we didn’t have so much to do today. However, the rain made even those plans change.

As we sat to a simple breakfast of Croatian coffee and homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, my husband mentioned we should see my family in California soon as he had never met them. The idea was then planted and I started my research.

‘Don’t force it’ he told me as I struggled to make things work with not only our limited time with the children this Christmas and having to return them on the 28th but also the great last-minute flight costs during the holidays for five people. I even called the airline to see if they could ‘do something’ but there was nothing. This idea would just have to be an idea until next year.

We returned to the idea of spending Christmas at home. Perhaps even at both homes. Then we continued with our Saturday plans as we went to the post office, grocery stores, and a clothing store before taking a break at home only to return to another grocery store and Target for our tree necessities.

A rainy Saturday might have dampened our initials plans but we went along with the changes and made other plans. Sometimes, this is the only thing you can do in such a situation. Accept change and move forward.