It was another morning of sleeping in late. No matter how much I wanted to get up and start my day, my body told me I needed more sleep. And so I did until it was close to 10,00.

It seems that cedar fever season has arrived. Today. A Christmas gift from central Texas. Every year I hope it will not affect me and every year it appears to get worse. But today I was only sneezing and had a stuffy nose. I have another two months or so of dealing with the effects of this winter allergy.

I should be enjoying this time of year but am distracted by the healthcare system in this country and how it now affects me. As I was inputting my work hours into my contractor website, I discovered that I have been charged double every week for my coverage.

In addition, my health insurance website states that I have no coverage since a week ago. Apparently nobody told the insurance company that my contract was extended for another six months. However, I have been double paying for coverage. I hope to get some clarification for this mess this week.

But I digress and return to the events of the day. Breakfast was lunch at around 13,00. After my husband’s soccer match that he watched online. This time we ate bread with avocado and cheese instead of cookies. But the Croatian coffee proved to be not such a good idea.

We had a few hours until the children arrived and had to choose the most important things to accomplish before then. Getting the three super heavy metal shelves from Home Depot to the garage at the new place was first on our list. However, this required my renting a truck and unloading the shelves. There was no way I could have done this without my husband’s help but we were able to get the shelves unloaded in about 15 minutes.

Afterwards we took care of the next important thing on our list. The Christmas tree. We debated getting two trees but decided we might not be spending much time at the house until the furniture is moved unless we wanted to sleep on the floors. Which we don’t. So we will make the best of our time at the apartment this last time before our move before the year’s end.

We went to the other Papa Noel’s near our house and found a 6-7 foot tree for a decent price. I managed to negotiate a small discount of five dollars but something was better than nothing. The tree was not large but perfect for our place and enough for us.

We managed to put the lights on the balcony and set up the tree in the tree stand right before the children arrived. They were happy to see we got a tree and we were happy to have accomplished something important today on a distracted third advent.