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The highlight of my day was seeing an owl perched on a fence on the return home from my walk. I left a few minutes later than usual as I had received a message from someone I went to school with many years ago and wanted to respond to her before I left.

At first I thought maybe it was some other kind of bird. But it was not as it turned its light-coloured head towards me when it heard me passing by.

‘Huh’, I stated a bit too loudly in my disbelief of my having seen an owl. I wasn’t quite sure if I had ever seen one in person. The next moment he had flown away.

I continued on towards home after having run two laps around the track this time, having added an extra lap to yesterday’s endeavour. Once home, I responded to my friend before settling in for the evening.

And I thought how beautiful the owl was under the light of the full moon.