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The comforting sounds of the rushing water outside the bedroom window reminded me of the sounds one finds on the Calm app or meditation channels on YouTube. The one used to fall asleep or to use as white noise when trying to read in a room filled with varying conversations.

Whenever it rains, a mini waterfall forms in an area by the fence on the border of a small nature preserve in the back of the apartments. The same area where the brown bunny grazes the grass, though I have not seen him since last week.

The sky was darkening to a deep grey as I ascended the hill to my home. In the distance, I noticed strikes of lightning. I had made it home earlier than usual today and would be doing so for the next two weeks. I made it in enough time before the storm became too intense for driving on the busy roads during rush hour traffic.

As I checked the windows to see if I had left any of them open, I started to wonder if the wind would tear off the branches of one of the trees and send them hurling through those various windows throughout the apartment. One day perhaps. But not tonight.

Coming home earlier had the added advantage of my being able to create a healthy and hearty meal. Something I had not done for myself since sometime last year, if I remember correctly. As the oven heated and the brown rice cooked on the induction stovetop, I wrapped the corn cob in aluminum foil to bake whilst I prepared the salmon and salad.

The lights flickered at one point during a moment of a loud crack of thunder and I had hoped that I would be able to make my dinner before the power went out as it did the last time there was a thunderstorm.

The comfort of the falling rain and the storm made me wish I had a fireplace to turn on to complete the effect even if it was summertime which would not normally warrant the need for a fireplace.

The large, white shallow bowl was filled with rocket, cucumbers, avocado, baby tomatoes, and feta. On top of that I added the brown rice, baked salmon, and a thick stream of balsamic vinegar. The result was divine.

After dinner, I exchanged a few texts with my children and then lay down to read. The second book, of the three that I ordered last month, arrived today so I had to make sure I finished the first one. The third one should be arriving either tomorrow or the day after.

Though I had my doubts about the format of the book I was reading, I remembered wanting to reading something lighter than my usual psychological thrillers. This book contained a collection of stories rather than a novel in its entirety. Something different for summer. Akin to the other book I read last year by that same Irish author which was an exciting read.  

As I listened to the sounds of falling rain interspersed with crackling thunder, I wondered how that could possibly make for a calming and relaxing atmosphere conducive to sleep. Yet somehow it was.