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‘Do you like it?’, he asked.

‘Gorgeous!’, I texted back. The photo was of tonight’s beautiful sunset. One taken from the car where he was sitting and listening to music as the summer road trip began.

‘We are going to Las Vegas’, they wrote earlier in the evening. Both Sage and Cinnamon texted me to let me know they will be leaving soon on their road trip. More than three hours later, they were finally on their way as they first had to drop off their dog and bunny to be watched during their week-long trip. Or however long it takes them to return.

‘I’m just listening to marshmello music’, he continued. ‘And chilling. In the car.’

I told him I was reading on his bed and then told him about the book because he asked. He seemed interested enough to ask if he could read it. Somehow I wished all three would spend more time with a book in their hands instead of their various devices.

‘…or are they not good for kids’, he asked. I told him I was currently reading the story which takes place at the Queensway station. The Tube station where we exited that time I took him to London and where we stayed in that tiny, dilapidated flat over the Subway restaurant. The flat where he ran his forehead into the edge of a wall in the living area as the floors were super slippery.

He continued to tell me about his playlist of 52 songs. All Marshmello. 5 hours and 53 minutes of songs that he is now listening to as he sits in the car and drives towards Nevada. It’s the only music he listens to these days. I am delighted that he has such an interest in music. Then he proceeded to tell me that he reads my blogs and that I can keep writing them.

‘Will you be stopping in New Mexico?’, I asked him.

‘…yes we are stopping in New Mexico so yes and why do you want to know is there something cool there that you want me to see?’, he continued in one of the longest texts from him that I’ve seen yet. Then he promptly apologised for the long text to which I replied that I like when he writes.

I like when any of the children write to let me know how they are doing. It has been only six nights that they have been away but it seems so much longer. I believe they will have fun but I will continue to worry about them as they travel away from home. I still wish that I was able to take them somewhere fun this year.

‘We were there when you were younger’, I wrote back to him. I told him how we went camping up in the mountains and then sliding down the white sand mountains at White Sands in little plastic disks. I also told him about the caverns. Carlsbad Caverns. At that point the signal was lost.